Watch Sanctum (2011) Movie Free Online

Story about facing an underwater survival in 48 hours battle there birth in the sea. Its a father and son who got trapped in the undersea cave system. Its impossible to us to survive on that tragedy, it is the same that you trap also under a landslide that supplies are limited even the oxygen is also out run. You can see here how determine them to survive it and with help of prayers from God. It is difficult to trap with yourself,because you can say unavoidable question: Can i survive, or will i be trapped forever? or die here? Its easy to lost hope if you are only one there but if you more than one,may be there is one of them can give a booster of hope. They can help each other to gain confident that they can survive from that. Remember don't forget to pray,because prayer is the only way to God hear who is needing a help or blessing. God is Good, He is always here from us to guide and protect from any tragedy or problem come to us.


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