Watch The Roommate (2011) Movie Free Online

It is a story of a student that was obsess to her new roommates. She is a deranged college freshmen student. Obsession is a sickness or abnormal behavior of a person that want to get it, what ever he/she like even they hurting or in the way of forcing it. Once you obsess for a girl or a boy you pretending that you own them even they don't want you for friend only. You always stalk to them with knowing that you have many things you forget to do. You feel that they are you life or breath everyday you see them or be with them. If they talk you that they don't want or like you may be you can do a crime or may be hurt yourself. In case you feel the obsession you should consult a psychologist for rehab or treatment. Here in the movie you will see how the obsess girl stalk her roommate and he know later that her roommate don't like her,thats the start of the crime and killing other people who is close to his roommate.


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