Watch Pacquiao vs Mosley Fight Free Online

Another big fight on the boxing ring this weekend. Mosley accept the challenge of Pacquiao. Manny Pacquiao we all know that he is now the number one in The Ring Magazine in boxer. Mosley last fight against Mora. “Actually, there’s no need for a rematch. It was a fight. I took it. It wasn’t crowd pleasing and I don’t want to be in a fight like that again. That’s the type of fight that I don’t want to be in. There are a lot of great fights out there. There’s Cotto. You know all these mover type of guys, I’m not sure whether I should stay away from them if I could. You know the guys who like to move around a lot and try to outbox you, and it’s good to box but I want to be in a fight where I’m in a real fight, like the Miguel Cottos, the Pacquiaos, and the Margaritos. Sergio Martinez, he’s a mover. He likes to box so it could be an ugly fight. He’s a real mover and he’s a big mover. So these moving types of fighters, I don’t know that that’s well suited for me. I don’t like to put that on the fans with those types of fights. So we’ll see what happens.” Last fight of Manny Pacquiao against Margarito, he suffered a injury in his on ribs. On July 19, 2010, Leonard Ellerbe, one of Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s closest advisers, denied that negotiations for a super fight between Mayweather and Pacquiao had ever taken place. Ellerbe stated that Bob Arum was not telling the truth. Bob Arum responded, questioning that if there was no negotiation, then who imposed the gag order (referring to a gag order about the negotiation allegedly imposed on both camps) and who could there be a gag order from if there were no negotiations. He also criticized Oscar De La Hoya and his Golden Boy Promotions CEO Richard Schaefer for denying that negotiations took place, when De La Hoya himself had previously stated that they were "very, very close in finalizing the contracts". Arum revealed that HBO Sports President Ross Greenburg acted as the mediator between Mayweather’s handlers and those of Pacquiao’s from Top Rank Promotions. On July 26, 2010, Ross Greenburg said in a statement that he has been negotiating with a representative from each side since May 2, 2010, carefully trying to put the fight together and he did in fact act as a go-between in negotiations with the two sides, but they were unable to come to an agreement. Floyd Mayweather Jr., after the second negotiation had been officially declared off, told the Associated Press that he had fought sixty days ago and that he was not interested in rushing into anything and was not really thinking about boxing at the moment.


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