Watch Cotto VS Mayorga Fight Free Online

A road to Manny Pacquiao rematch for Miguel Cotto and For Ricardo Mayorga to revive his name in Boxing. Outside of his involvement as an active boxer, Cotto also owns and presides a boxing promotion named "Promociónes Miguel Cotto", which organizes fight cards in Puerto Rico. Similarly he founded "El Ángel", a non-profit organization that promotes physical activity and measures against infant obesity. Marc Ecko, fashion designer and owner of Eckō, selected Cotto when promoting the brand within the sport, citing the boxer's "fearless" demeanor as one of the main reasons behind this agreement. Product of this partnership, Eckō produced boxing gear for him as well as mainstream clothing accessories for the general public. Even Cotto loss to Pacquiao last 2009 of November. He got revive his name for winning the fight against the undefeated Foreman by K.O. .Mayorga is older than Cotto he still can knock him out Cotto. So better to watch this fight live who will prevail and can be the next opponent of pound for pound king Manny Pacquiao may be after the fight against Shane Mosley.Even Ricardo Mayorga loss his last fight against Angulo its only a injury stop their fight.


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