Watch Battle: Los Angeles (2011) Movie Free Online

As many of us want to know if the truth or fact of the UFO. Many studies had made in China, USA, France and Germany. We only know that UFO is a space settle  of aliens and if they come in our planet may be for peace or want to invade the earth. So some country was preferred for that. In this movie the first invasion of alien forces goes to the State of Los Angeles in America. Even some of us afraid on aliens but if time come we must face them for our rights in the world.  Aaron Eckhart first gained wide exposure in 2000 as the character George, a pony-tailed biker, in Steven Soderbergh's drama Erin Brockovich. The film was met with reasonable reviews, and was a box office success, earning $256 million worldwide. His performance was well received by critics; Entertainment Weekly's Owen Gleiberman, wrote that Eckhart "may be playing a bit of an ideal but he makes goodness as palpable as he did yuppie evil in 'In the Company of Men'." In an August 2004 interview, Eckhart claimed that he had not worked for nearly a year before he was cast in the movie. "I felt like I sort of was getting away from what I wanted to do as an actor. [...] I had nine months off, but it wasn't a vacation. Sure, I didn't earn any money for nine months, but every day I was reading scripts, I was producing my own material, I was taking meetings, I was working on my craft." 


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