Watch I Am Number Four (2011) Movie Free Online

 A group of nine alien teenagers, having escaped the destruction of their home planet, are hunted on Earth by a hostile species. One of them is an extra ordinary young man. He is a Fugitive running out on his enemies and change his own identity for his own security. And must leave for town to town to keep his own identity unknown and new for each town he got live. John Smith s the main protagonist of the novel, and Number Four in the sequence protecting the Nine Lorien children living and hiding on Earth. He is 15 years old. He is described as being a fit, young man with blond hair. He has three circular scars on his right ankle, signifying the three dead Lorien children, and a scar similar to the pendent all the Lorien children wear, signifying the charm that protects them.  John finds her, but is found by a Mogadorian scout, one of several who have closed in on the school. John kills it, and while trying to flee the school is found by Henri and Mark. The four are found by a girl around John’s age, and John’s dog Bernie Kosar. The girl says that she is Number Six. John realizes that with Six with him, the charm protecting them from being killed out of order has now broken. Six replies that the war has begun, with Henri agreeing. As the five companions find a way out of the school, John tells Mark and Sarah to go back and hide, as it isn’t their fight. They leave, and John confronts his first soldier, whom he kills. You will see how John win and escape the death and live happily here in Earth.


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